This site collects and catalogues documents and resources on the issues facing the peoples of the Groote Archipelago due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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Anindilyakwa Safe is an auxiliary website created for the Groote Eylandt Language Centre. It has been created to support information sharing about the COVID-19 virus with the communities of the Groote Archipelago. The content or linked content, including documents of formal advice from authorities, do not represent the advice or views of the Groote Eylandt Language Centre or the Anindilyakwa Land Council. Users of this website take responsibility for any use of the information presented or linked here. By your continued use of this website you acknowledge this disclaimer and you release the Anindilyakwa Land Council from any responsibility for your use of its content. Privacy statement This website does not set cookies or collect or share any information about you. Who made this website?

This website Anindilyakwa Safe was created and is maintained under the auspices of the Groote Eylandt Language Centre and the Anindilyakwa Land Council.

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