Corona-virus-langwa ayakwa #3 - Be safe, and look after family

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Groote Eylandt Language Centre
Script & translations by K. Mamarika, Judy Lalara, Elvis Wurramara & James Bednall. Voiced by K.Mamarika
Date published: 
Sunday, 19 April, 2020
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Enenu-wiya ngarrabuburna langwa akabilyama angalya manja ngarrumdakwaruma.

At this time, it's best if everyone stays at home as much as they can.

Enenu-wiya ngarrababurna langwa akabilyama angalya manja ngarrumdakwaruma.
Nungkuwa ningkakina kakwunama akina angbilyuwa coronavirus mama ningkakina nara angbulyuwadima umba akabilyama ngarrumdakwaruma.
Amirndakayena ayakwa amirndakibina yikuwilyakina-yada nungkwurrilangwa-manja manga:
- Nara arukwanjuma dambakwa, bonga, budika, cupa akwa budila.
- Yikarjirrenama nungkwurra-lanhwa ayarrka jubima akwa akwungwa-ma angkababirni-langwa.
- Yikmawurrenama nungkwa-langwa tissue bin-uwa kembirra yikarjirrena nungkwurra-lanwa ayarrka jubima akwa akungwama.
- Yikarjirrenama nungkwurra-langwa ayarrka yikilyingina-manja card-a akwa yikilyingina manja angwarnda. Nara akumama nungkwurra-lanwa-manja edirra mena kinabarrjejunguama germs-a nungkwa-langwa-manja body.
- Yikajirrenama nungkwurrilangwa angalya angbiduma amirrijinuma juba amalyirruma. Ebina manja angalya kirridakina -murra- manja aninga, akididijungwa akwa akabarraka-langwa. Wirribina warnumamalya karrlyingina manja aburrilangumaayarrka amirndakujika-murriya wurrakina karrilarrijinama angbilyuwa akina murrada ena amikbiya kajungwa angkababurna-langwa amungkwuda angalya kuwambilya-da.
Wurrambumbawuri-wiya warnumamalya kalikajama ngakwurru-langwa alikira.
Nara akudangwa ajiyinguma wurrukwali-manja warnumamalya umba angkilangwa-wiya yikajiya,
Akarribirringkinama ngakwurr-langwa-manja wirriyukwayuwa enamanja community akwa kuwambilyama ailyaba-manja abirrilanwa-manja ngarnumamaklya kajungwa wurrmilyukwa ngarruwurrakawura akambilya yada ngarningangbilyuwama.
Warniyerringka akwa wurradiyuwangkwa wurrakina kuwambilyama angalya-manja, nara karna angarrima abirruwawa kirribina yikaberringwadinama. Ngarna ngarringandeyanama wurrumilykwa kuwambilya-yada.
Ngarrumirndakawura akumamikajeyinama ngarna akumulkuwurrena-yada ena angbilyuwa. Kembirra ngarrumilyukwa ngarningangbilyuwama akambilyi-yida.

At this time, it's best if everyone stays at home as much as they can.
You can spread coronvavirus even if you don't feel sick, so we all need to be careful.
Here are some things to remember to do:
- Don't share dambukwa, bongs, buckets, cups or drink bottles.
- Wash your hands regularly with soap and water.
- Throw away your tissues in the bin, and wash your hands afterwards.
- Wash your hands before and after playing cards, and handling money. Don't put these things near your mouth, otherwise the germs could spread into your body.
- Clean your house with detergent and disinfectant. Especially clean all common areas, benches, places you do cooking, door knobs, and light switches. When people touch these areas with their hands they could leave germs behind so that's why it is important to clean these areas.

Open all the windows of your house to let the air in.

Try and limit the number of people coming to your house.

Do not stand close to other family. Stay 1.5 metres (3 arms) away from each other if you can.

Keep an eye on children in the community and make sure they are keeping clean and safe and staying with one family if possible.

Old people need to stay home. Don't visit old people if you are not feeling well. We need to keep them safe and healthy.

If we work together w can keep our communities on Groote Eylandt safe from coronavirus.