Buddha and the Beard (14th April 2020)

Name of show: 
Buddha and the Beard
Radio station: 

Angurugu Radio 102.9

Date of show: 
Tuesday, 14 April, 2020
Hosts & guests: 

Lionel Jaragba & Hugh Bland, recordings from Judy Lalara, Sylvia Tkac, Amathea Mamarika


Topics: End of lockdown and freedom to travel within East Arnhem communities. Travel to Darwin requires 14 day quarantine in Darwin before return to Groote. Spread of corona-virus; it can be spread by someone even before they begin to feel sick. How to avoid catching it. Ferry, barge and freight services. How corona-virus came to Australia. Corona-virus deaths around the world - Australia is doing very well compared to most countries and NT has least cases. Call clinic if you feel unwell. Contact tracing. Adelaide cluster. Ventilators and intensive care units (ICU). Travel restrictions for visitors. Boris Johnson.

Date first filed: 
Tuesday, 14 April, 2020