Buddha and the Beard (15th April 2020)

Name of show: 
Buddha and the Beard
Radio station: 

Angurugu Radio 102.9

Date of show: 
Wednesday, 15 April, 2020
Hosts & guests: 

Hugh Bland, guest David Nathan, recordings from Judy Lalara, Sylvia Tkac, Amathea Mamarika


Topics: Coronavirus around the world, restarting businesses and activities as virus is controlled in some places. Types of lockdowns. Cases across Australia. Quarantine for arrival in Australia and to Groote. Origin of virus. Explaining "COVID-19". Phases of lockdown across Australia. "Flattening the curve". Masks. How virus spreads. Clusters and outbreaks; from overseas, cruise ships; Sydney; Adelaide airport; Tasmanian hospital cluster. Remote communities; Kimberley cluster. Information websites for Groote; Anindilyakwa Safe - www.anindilyakwasafe.net. Life changes after the virus. Corona virus is more dangerous because it originated from an animal. Vaccines. Ferrets. Tests; possible treatments.

Date first filed: 
Wednesday, 15 April, 2020