Corona Virus message in Anindilyakwa regarding community travel

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Information from the NT Chief Minister's Office about travel to and from remote Aboriginal communities in the NT. Adapted and translated for Groote. For more information, listen to the audio, or call 1800 518 189, email

The script was written by NT Government (Strategic Communications and Engagement Department of the Chief Minister), and was translated and voiced by the Groote Eylandt Language Centre (Jennie Bara Bara, Colleen Mamarika and Donna Mamarika).

NT Government / Groote Eylandt Language Centre
Date published: 
Thursday, 23 April, 2020

1. This coronavirus sickness is really dangerous. You should stay in your community to make sure you don’t get sick / stay safe. Right now, there is no COVID-19 on Groote Eylandt or Bickerton Island so they are the safest place for us.
2. This is REALLY important. We should all stay on Groote Eylandt and only travel for emergencies.
3. Emergencies are things like traveling for medical treatment.
4. Most shops in Darwin and Katherine are closed to try and keep people safe from COVID-19. They won’t open until it is safe.
5. If you do leave Groote Eylandt and visit large places like Katherine or Darwin, you won’t be allowed to come back to Groote Eylandt. Police mob will stop you.
6. If you do want to come back to Groote Eylandt, you need to do that thing they call quarantine.
7. Quarantine, means, you will have to go to a place in Darwin that the police or government worker tells / sends you, and you will have to stay at that place for 14 days so they can look if maybe you are sick.
8. Maybe you think you are not sick. But that coronavirus is really cheeky and can hide for a little while. It will take 14 days/two weeks to see if it is there.
9. Larrakia Nation can help people in Darwin do quarantine before they travel home to Groote Eylandt to make sure you aren’t sick.
10. This is REALLY important. You must do this. It will stop your family, stop your friends and stop your old people / elders maybe getting really sick. We have to look after everyone.
11. All the important work on Groote Eylandt will keep going. Clinic worker mob will still be there and food, and fuel and important workers like plumbers and electricians are still working.
12. Remember, there are Police mob everywhere at checkpoints / places everywhere that they will be stopping and talking to everyone. They are helping to look after us all and to keep us safe, so please listen. Please do what they ask / tell you.
13. If you want to know more about travelling to a remote community in the NT, call that remote travel hotline mob on 1800 518 189 or email