Stop the Spread

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Voiced by K. Mamarika.
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Anindilyakwa translated version of Australian Government advice for avoiding corona-virus.

You can also download/view the PDF text in Anindilyakwa and English.

Australian Government, Department of Health
Groote Eylandt Language Centre
Date published: 
Wednesday, 29 April, 2020

Akina Coronavirus akakangbilyuwakinama ngarnumamalya-manja. Akuwilyakina-manja Coronavirus ngarrakina akangbilyuwakinama wurrukwalu-wa warnumamalya. Akina Coronavirus kuwerribalinama ngarriwilyaba-langwa ngarnumamalya wurrakwalu-wa warnumamalya.

Awurrariya akina Coronavirus. Warniyerringka akwa wurradiyuwangkwa wurrakina kuwambilyama angalya-manja, nara karna angarrima abirruwawa kirribina yikaberringwadinama. Ngarna ngarringandeyenama wurrumilykwa kuwambilya-yada.

Ngarna ngarrumirndakawura akuwardenama kajungwa warningaba, warningangbilyuwama ngakwurrilangwa warnumamalya kuwambilyi-yada ngakwurrilangwa-manja community.

Akingayendena-manja ngarrumilyukwa akambilya-manja, akinirrumirna-manja akwa akumidilyakbina-manja ngarna akididirrakajungwunama ngakwurrilangwa-ma arnda.

Akarjirrenama ayarrka jubima akwa akungwama, akumidilyakbina-manja akwa akinirrumina-manja, yikulikaja-manja makabarringuwa, akidakina-manja aninga, akwa akalyibarina-manja aninga.

Kirrakina engkimanja yikambilyama yikarringkina-manja wurrangbangbilyuwama warnumamalya. Wurribina kamidilyakbinama akwa kanirringminama krrakina engilangwa-langwa yikambilyama.

Engkilangwa-langwa yikarjiya yikarringkina-manja wurribina kuwangmakayena-manja akwa kuwalkayena-manja wurrangbangbilyuwama warnumamalya. Nara arjiyinguma akwudangwa wurrababurna-manja warnumamalya umba engkilangwa-langwa yikarjiya.

Enenu-wiya ngarrababurna langwa akabilyama angalya manja ngarrumdakwaruma, mena akina-baba angbilyuwa Coronavirus.

Akangbilyuwadina-manja, ngarna akarndangmajinama wurribina nawardenama clinic-manja.

Ngarrumirndakawura akuwardenama akumulkuwurrena-yada ena angbilyuwa. Kembirra ngarrumilyukwa ngarningangbilyuwama akambilyi-yada.

Enena-manja yikandiya Australia DOT gov DOT au internet-manja. Akwa ngarningka yikilikaja clinicu-wa kajungwa angwurra kikeningmidina-yada.

Ena ayakwa Australian Government-langwa, Canberra-langwa.

Coronavirus can make people very sick. You might make another person sick too.
Coronavirus is very bad. Old people and other people who are already sick, they should be very careful to avoid becoming sick.
Let’s work together so that people in our communities stay healthy, not sick.
When you cough, cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow. Do not cough into your hand.
When you cough or sneeze or go to the toilet, after that wash your hands with soap, slowly and carefully, for 20 seconds. Wash your hands like that too before cooking food.
When you see people who are sick or coughing or sneezing—stay away from them.
When lots of people are sitting or standing in a group—stay away from them.
Because of coronavirus, stay at home—inside your house. Stay away from other people.
If you feel sick, maybe a fever, or coughing, maybe a sore throat, or maybe you are worried about another person who is sick—call you doctor or clinic right away.
Let’s all keep each other healthy and strong.
Look on the internet at australia DOT gov DOT au. Or maybe go to the clinic to learn more about this.
This message is from the Australian Government in Canberra.