Buddha and the Beard (30th April 2020)

Name of show: 
Buddha and the Beard
Radio station: 

Angurugu Radio 102.9

Date of show: 
Thursday, 30 April, 2020
Hosts & guests: 

Hugh Bland


Topics: Opening up the "economy" in the USA; long-term changes after the epidemic; transmission; time span of illness; cononavirus possible origins; immunity; incubation period - people may be asymptomatic; COVIDSafe app; virus survival on surfaces; sanitising Angurugu airport; immunity, research on vaccines, testing and treatments; if you have any flu or cold symptoms, contact the clinic; reducing restrictions in NT - perhaps all to be reduced on 5th June; expansion of testing; contact tracing; release of lockdown - health vs politics - USA example (Georgia); details of easing of NT lockdown; Australia confident that medical systems will not be overwhelmed; response options in different countries - infrastructure - health vs economy; Australia's strategies; response of Angurugu supermarket.

Date first filed: 
Thursday, 30 April, 2020