Easing of Travel Restrictions from 5th June

Anindilyakwa translated version of Northern Territory Government notice about lifting Biosecurity Regulations to ease travel restrictions for remote communities from 5th June.

Northern Territory Government / Chief Minister
Translated by Jennie Bara Bara, Judy Lalara, Donna Mamarika, Kathleen Mamarika and Carol Wurramara.
Voiced by Carol Wurramara
Date published: 
Monday, 1 June, 2020

1. Ena ayakwa nalikenuma angaliba Chief Minister Michael Gunner-langwa.
2. Ebina-manja amangbala abiyakarbiya week akina angkawura-langwa ngawa nekarrirriyadinuma ngarnumamalya-manja.
3. Wurrakina NTgovernment akwa Australian Government nawardanguma warningangkawura ngawa kembirra narrikwarrkwajuwama akwa narruwurranguma ebina ayakwa ngarnikambilyinga-langwa awilyabami-manja angalya umba akilikaji-yada akwaluwa angalya ebina nuwambilya-murri-wiya NT-manja.
4. Ebina ayakwa narringekburakama ababurni-langwa ngarnumamalya-langwa yada community ngarnikambilyinga-yada awilyabi-manja angalya akina ayakwa nakerrirriyadinuma.
5. Wurrababurni-langwa wurrubina nawardenama Australian government, Northern Territory government, land councils, wurrarumiruma warnumamalya akwa wurrabibalija angalya ababurni-langwa community NT-manja nalyangkuwamayinuma arakba kajungwa ngarnumamalya akwa wurrumangkadirra arakba akilikaji-yada akwaluwa community NT-manja.
6. Ngarruwerrikawarriyadinuma ngarningangkawura ngawa mena akina angbilyuwa Coronavirus kuwerribalina-baba ngarnumamalya-langwu-wa community.
7. Yirraminakbadanguma wurradidiyuwangkwa akwa warniniyuwangwa akwa yirrakbardanguma yikarringkama-langwa hundreds dukwa thousands warnumamalya kawerrikarringinuma-langwa.
8. Akena nara kuwerribalina akina angbilyuwa akina kemba eningaba.
9. Ena arakba eningaba ayakwa
10. Akina borders QLD, WA akwa SA-langwa kamirndakididikajungwunama ngawa,umba erribirra arakba kirrakina yikilikajama akwalu-wa community NT-manja.
11. Ena nayamina mama akangerrenama ngakwurrilangwa warnamamalya akwaluwa communities akwa town. Ebina eningadinubawiya ayakwa nara kekwarrkajungwuna umba ngarna ngawa awirrikelya 1.5 metres akambilyama wurrukwala-langwa warnamamalya. Ngarna ngawa akajirrenama ngakwurrilangwa ayarrka kajungwa akina angbilyuwa akakilalikina-yada angkawura-langwa.
12. Ngarriwurrakawuruma ngakurruwa ngarnimamalya ngarrakwurrajuwama wurradidiyuwangka, warniyerringka akwa wurrangbingbilyuwama warnumamalya warnikakburranga-langwa akina angbilyuwa.
13. Ngeniyerriya yirriyaminama nungkurruwawa karnimamalyuwa ngarrumamirikajeyinu-mu-langwa enena-langwa angbilyuwa.

1. Hi everyone. Chief Minister Michael Gunner here.
2. I know these last eight weeks have been hard.
3. But we have been working hard with the Australian Government and we will lift the restrictions on June 5.
4. The decision to put Aboriginal communities in lockdown was a really hard one.
5. But along with the land councils, Traditional Owners, Custodians and Elders, the Australian and Northern Territory governments all agreed: we had to do it.
6. Our great worry was what could happen if the coronavirus got into remote communities.
7. We feared for the old people; we feared we might see hundreds or maybe even thousands of deaths.
8. That has not happened. And that’s fantastic.
9. And now there’s some really good news.
10. The Queensland, WA and South Australian borders will stay closed. But you can travel about within the Territory.
11. That means you can visit family in other communities or go to town. Some rules have not changed: we still have to keep three steps away from other people (that’s 1.5 metres) and practice good hygiene to make sure this disease stays away forever.
12. Together, we have kept the older people and the sick people safe.
13. Thanks for your cooperation during this difficult time.