Buddha & The Beard 29.03.21: COVID-19 - the Vaccine rollout

Name of show: 
Buddha and the Beard
Radio station: 

Groote Broadcasting, Angurugu Radio 102.9

Date of show: 
Monday, 29 March, 2021
Hosts & guests: 

Lionel Jaragba and Hugh Bland


This week Buddha and the Beard bring us up to date about the upcoming coronavirus vaccine rollout here on Groote/Bickerton and around Australia. They give us trusted, accurate information so that everyone can make the right decision about vaccination. To help with the vaccinations on Groote/Bickerton, medical teams will come from Darwin and Gove to work with the local clinics. Buddha and the Beard also discuss how vaccines are developed and tested, and how vaccination is going around the world, including in neighbouring Papua New Guinea.

Date first filed: 
Monday, 29 March, 2021