Police update: Not true: rumours police locking down Umbakumba + Angurugu

Notice text: 

[30/6/2021 Update from Senior Sergeant Tanya Woodcock, Alyangula Police]

  • There is no COVID on Groote Eylandt or in East Arnhem.
  • There are no closures of our services, no need for any extra controls.
  • Some residents and visitors flew into Groote and after they arrived, there were hotspots announced in the states they came from, but none of these people had been to those hotspots. Just to be sure, some of those travellers were asked to stay at home until they had a COVID test – and all were cleared with negative results.
  • Two GEMCO charter flights were in the air from Cairns when Brisbane was declared a hotspot. Even though none of these people had been to the places where COVID was listed, all of the passengers have been isolated overnight and are returning to Cairns today.
  • No-one who’s come to Groote recently has done the wrong thing, these extra precautions always happen when there’s been announcement from the government about new hotspots and border closures.
  • It’s fantastic to see support services in place for the extra vaccines and I hope all 100 are used. I had my second shot yesterday and feel really grateful that I can continue to work in out townships without being any risk to the people I come into contact with.

Separately, we have issued a NOTAM for the Darwin airport – only emergency aircraft are allowed to come from Darwin to Groote at the moment. Any flights other than Careflight or Police are only for Essential Workers, and their passenger list is checked and preapproved by Police and GEMCO prior to arrival.

Thanks again for your support and letting me know about this emerging issue. I’ll get some more messaging out this afternoon.


Senior Sergeant Tanya Woodcock

Officer In Charge | Carpentaria District | Northern Territory Police Force

Groote Eylandt


Alyangula Police

Date of notice or action: 
Wednesday, 30 June, 2021