COVID-19 virus is now in Darwin

1st July 2021: Important message about coronavirus and lockdown in Darwin

This message is spoken in Amamalya ayakwa (Anindilyakwa)


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NT Government
Date published: 
Thursday, 1 July, 2021

NT Government Coronavirus Information 1st July 2021

[Message in English]

Hey, you mob listen to this really big /important message COVID-19 virus is here now in Darwin.

Maybe you are in danger / can get that really bad COVID sickness
If you get that COVID sickness you will be very very / really really sick and maybe you will give it to your family and your friends.

We are all in lockdown.

That word “lockdown” means everyone must stay home. If you are in Darwin now you must stay in Darwin. You cannot go back to community until the health and government mob say it is safe. You are not allowed to go anywhere until it is safe.

If you stay where you are - we will bring you food and water.

You Must Wear a Mask.

Do this now:

  • Do not sit down with other mobs. Maybe someone is sick already and could give you that sickeness.
  • Do NOT let anyone touch / drink / from your cup or can.
  • Do NOT touch / drink from other peoples drinks.
  • Do NOT not share / let anyone touch your smokes.
  • Do NOT share / touch other peoples smokes.
  • Do NOT play cards because lots of people touch those cards. That covid virus can stay on those cards and you can get it.

That sickness can move around really easy way.

Wash your hands really good if you can or use that hand sanitizer.

This COVID-19 is a really bad one.

Listen really carefully, this is really important
Were you at any of these places or near any of these places on Friday 25 June?

Those places are:

  • Buff Club on Friday 3.30pm to 8pm
  • Stuart Park Corner Store, Westralia Street
  • Grog Shop (BWS) in Parap Street
  • Bunnings on Bagot Road
  • Commonwealth Bank, Smith Street

If you were at these places on Saturday:

  • Palmerston Flea Markets
  • Female Public toilet 1 Chung Wah Terrace Palmesrton
  • Gateway Shopping Centre Palmerston

If you were at any of these places, it is really important that you tell us. You will need to get that COVID test.

Let us know if you need help to get that test, or maybe you want to get vaccinated /that needle for COVID-19.

There is some wrong / bad information on social media about the vaccine, so if you are worried talk to health mob to get the right story.

You can get a COVID-19 vaccine at Danila Dilba on Knuckey St and Danila Dilba in Palmerston – call the number 8942 5400 and press star

If you stay where you are - and need help call one of these numbers.

  • NT Government Hotline 1800 193 111
  • Danila Dilba Health Service 8942 5400
  • Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation 8948 3733
  • Yilli Rreung Housing Aboriginal Corporation 8935 0111

There will be more messages soon