12th August: Testing & isolation of Qld arrivals to Groote

Notice text: 

[from Tanya Woodcock, Alyangula Police, 12th August 2021]

Good morning all, please note that travel is allowed from all of QLD again, however a BORDER ARRIVAL FORM must be completed by all interstate travellers: https://forms.nt.gov.au/Produce/Form/COVID19/Northern%20Territory%20Border%20Entry%20Application.

Outcomes of our operation to isolate and test all QLD arrivals in the week prior to 8th August are:

  • 267 people tested onsite at GEMCO
    • 2 visited exposure sites
  • 91 people tested by the local health team (across Alyangula, Angurugu,
    • 20 Aboriginal people tested via POCT- all negative
  • All specimens processed by 1400 following day - ALL NEGATIVE
  • All specimens processed by POCT in the community NEGATIVE

Congratulations to the Top End Health Service team, GEMCO, and all service providers who participated in our response and the LEC meetings.

Arising from the debrief with the emergency management team, I have two points of concern to feed back to relevant agencies and staff:

  • Green zones must be identified for clearing of all local staff when the Rapid Assessment Team (RAT) or other external responders are arriving (Police/Health/GEMCO). Due to Delta variant virulence we need heightened attention to prevention of potential exposure to the ‘clean’ teams/staff.
  • MEG (Mask Eyes Gloves) should be worn by local staff at all times when in the presence of RAT or external workers.

Alyangula Police

Date of notice or action: 
Thursday, 12 August, 2021