Mask & testing regulations: Protecting remote communities

Notice text: 

The NT Government has made special regulations for people who travel to remote communities which have first dose vaccination rates of less than 70%. These regulations require mask wearing and COVID testing, and apply from 15th November (mask wearing) and 19th November (COVID testing).

This means that anyone traveling to an NT remote community will need to check the vaccination status of the community before traveling there. NT Community vaccination rates can be checked here.

Groote Clinics advise that “Alyangula/Umbakumba/Milyakburra/Angurugu aged 16 and over for second covid vaccination show percentages from 76% to 89%, therefore we are not below the 70% and do not meet the mandatory mask wearing or COVID testing [requirement].”. However people visiting other communities must check vaccination rates and follow the regulations.

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NT Government / Alyangula Clinic manager

Date of notice or action: 
Wednesday, 10 November, 2021