3rd December: Resumption of charter flights to and from the mainland

Notice text: 

The ALC’s emergency response to the COVID-19 situation in Katherine and surrounds has remained in place since 18 November 2021. These measures were enacted to ensure that the COVID-19 virus did not reach the Groote Archipelago.

The ALC Board again wishes to acknowledge GEMCO, Airnorth, Sealink and all charter companies for their significant cooperation and support during this period. The ALC Board will continue to monitor the situation in Katherine, Binjari and Lajamanu, however it is comfortable that the risk of the current COVID-19 outbreaks reaching the Groote Archipelago is sufficiently low to justify resuming flights and ferry services as normal with immediate effect.

This includes the resumption of charter flights to and from the mainland, and no testing requirement at Darwin Airport for persons travelling to Groote Eylandt.

All travellers are still required to comply with the CHO directions, and the Board strongly recommends that all persons travelling to the Groote Archipelago are fully vaccinated. If you have any questions, please contact RKleinschmidt@alcnt.com.au.


Mark Hewitt, ALC CEO

Date of notice or action: 
Thursday, 2 December, 2021