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COVID-19 vaccine now mandated for all Groote workers

Date of notice or action: 
Wednesday, 13 October, 2021
Notice text: 

COVID-19 vaccine now required for all Groote workers

See the attachment for full details

The NT Chief Health Officer (CHO) requires that all workers in various NT workplaces must be vaccinated. This ruling applies to all people working on Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island.

Some exceptions exist but only for very limited medical reasons, with evidence.


  • First dose of the COVID-19 vaccine must be by 12 November 2021
  • Two doses (fully vaccinated) by 24 December 2021.
  • If workers have not had their first vaccination by the 13 November 2021, they will not be permitted to enter the workplace and will face a $5000 fine if they do not comply with the Chief Health Officer direction.
  • Workplaces can request proof of vaccination from staff, and workplaces must to keep a register of staff vaccination rates.


Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet, Northern Territory Government

High vaccination rates in Groote communities

Date of notice or action: 
Friday, 10 September, 2021
Notice text: 


Vaccination rates for Warnumamalya population centres, people over 16 years, as at 10th Sept 2021

Population First vaccine Second vaccine
Umbakumba 266 214 (80%) 177 (67%)
Angurugu 792 556 (70%) 420 (53%)
Milyakburra 93 66 (71%) 46 (49%)
Total 1151 836 (73%) 643 (56%)

Message from Angurugu Clinic manager:
“Vaccination rates on Groote are remarkably good, so we should feel proud.
We are now offering vaccines every day plus a full day on a Thursday.”



NT Government Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet, Angurugu Clinic Manager

20th August: Darwin & Katherine lockdowns lifted

Date of notice or action: 
Friday, 20 August, 2021
Notice text: 

Lockdowns in Darwin and Katherine have both been lifted (Darwin was lifted on 19/8, Katherine on 20/8), Some retrictions remain. For details see the notice attachment or


Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet, Northern Territory Government

16th August: Darwin & Katherine lockdown

Date of notice or action: 
Monday, 16 August, 2021
Notice text: 

Darwin & Katherine lockdown

From 12:01pm today (16/8/2021) for 72 hours, Darwin and surrounbding areas, and Katherine, are in lockdown due to a local COVID-19 case.

Residents can only leave home for these reasons:

  1. Medical treatment, including COVID testing or vaccination
  2. For essential goods and services, like groceries and medications
  3. For work that is considered essential
  4. For one hour of outdoor exercise a day within 5 km from your home with one other person or people from your house
  5. To provide care and support to a family member or person who cannot support them

For further details, see the notice attachment.

For lockdown details, see

For Exposure site details, see


Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet, Northern Territory Government

12th August: Testing & isolation of Qld arrivals to Groote

Date of notice or action: 
Thursday, 12 August, 2021
Notice text: 

[from Tanya Woodcock, Alyangula Police, 12th August 2021]

Good morning all, please note that travel is allowed from all of QLD again, however a BORDER ARRIVAL FORM must be completed by all interstate travellers:

Outcomes of our operation to isolate and test all QLD arrivals in the week prior to 8th August are:

  • 267 people tested onsite at GEMCO
    • 2 visited exposure sites
  • 91 people tested by the local health team (across Alyangula, Angurugu,
    • 20 Aboriginal people tested via POCT- all negative
  • All specimens processed by 1400 following day - ALL NEGATIVE
  • All specimens processed by POCT in the community NEGATIVE

Congratulations to the Top End Health Service team, GEMCO, and all service providers who participated in our response and the LEC meetings.

Arising from the debrief with the emergency management team, I have two points of concern to feed back to relevant agencies and staff:

  • Green zones must be identified for clearing of all local staff when the Rapid Assessment Team (RAT) or other external responders are arriving (Police/Health/GEMCO). Due to Delta variant virulence we need heightened attention to prevention of potential exposure to the ‘clean’ teams/staff.
  • MEG (Mask Eyes Gloves) should be worn by local staff at all times when in the presence of RAT or external workers.

Alyangula Police

[Revised 12th August] 11th August: Cairns & Yarrabah lockdown lifted

Date of notice or action: 
Wednesday, 11 August, 2021
Notice text: 

From 4pm Wednesday 11 August the Cairns and Yarrabah Local Government Areas lockdown will end. Some restrictions will remain.

ALC Cairns staff can return to the Cairns office from tomorrow. Please be Covid-safe; wash your hands, cover your sneezes/coughs, and practice social distancing.

Further details can be found at this link: Restrictions for Locked Down Areas – Cairns and Yarrabah | Health and wellbeing | Queensland Government (

Also please visit the NT Coronavirus link : Coronavirus (COVID-19)

[Update 12th August] As these areas are no longer current declared hotspots, people who arrive in to the NT from these areas after this date do not need to complete an Application for Approval to enter the NT form, however all interstate arrivals are still required to complete a Border Entry Form.

[NOTE: If you have been in any hotspot in the past 14 days, you cannot enter the NT unless eligible for an exception - see this page for the NT regulations and this page for details of the former Cairns hotspots].


ALC, Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet

9th August: Arrivals on Groote from Cairns must be tested

Date of notice or action: 
Monday, 9 August, 2021
Notice text: 

[from Groote Eylandt Police, 9th August 2021]

GROOTE EYLANDT community advice - COVID.

A Taxi driver in Cairns tested positive for COVID, and as a result Cairns has also been declared a Hot Spot.


For anyone who's flown from Cairns to Groote via Darwin or elsewhere (that is, not on a direct flight) - please contact Alyangula Health Clinic to give your details: 89876255. After testing, if the result is ‘negative’ (no virus detected) there is no need to isolate or restrict any movements.

There is a team of health workers arriving on Groote this morning, who will contact and arrange testing for all people who‘ve travelled from Cairns to Groote on any flights. They will be seen in our townships in the blue protection clothes and masks, attending houses to test travellers. Please reassure your friends and family that this does not mean we have COVID on Groote.

This testing is precautionary only. There is NO information that anyone on Groote has been infected with COVID, or has been in contact with an infected person. There is no need for lockdowns or the closure of any facilities on Groote.

For more information please check out the link:

Senior Sergeant Tanya Woodcock Officer In Charge | Carpentaria District | Northern Territory Police Force Groote Eylandt PO Box 397, Alyangula, NT, 0885 p...(08) 8987 6122 / Internal - 58726 I f...(08) 8987 6403 | e...


Groote Eylandt Police

8th August: Cairns hotspot, Rapid Assessment Team on Groote

Date of notice or action: 
Sunday, 8 August, 2021
Notice text: 

[From Groote Eylandt Police, 8th August 2021]

Cairns was declared a hotspot by the CHO at 12: 00 today, with the direction that anyone who’s travelled from Groote to Cairns since 29th July 2021 must isolate and be tested.

The CDC reports that this is a LOW RISK situation. Testing of all arrivals from the hotspot is precautionary, with no information that any Groote resident has been in contact with a COVID-positive person in Cairns.

The direction to isolate means a traveller returning from Cairns since 29th July should stay at home and not go out or have any unnecessary contact with any other people, until they’ve returned a negative COVID test. Once they test negative there is no requirement to limit their movements or contacts.

A Rapid Assessment Team will be on Groote early tomorrow morning, and will ensure that all travellers are contacted and tested quickly. This is quite a task as there are approximately 600 mine workers (already in isolation) and approximately 85 other persons who arrived on island in the relevant period.

I will have support team to liaise with ALC, GEMCO and Community stakeholders to advise on process. There will be more communication tomorrow, particularly with regard to informing our general community of the operation, and until then please reassure your families/employees/clients that the actions underway are precautionary only at this time, with no ‘lockdown’ or other measures required.


Tanya Woodcock, Alyangula Police

8th August: Hotspots declared for Cairns & Yarrabah

Date of notice or action: 
Sunday, 8 August, 2021
Notice text: 

Hotspots declared for Cairns and Yarrabah

The NT Chief Health Officer has declared a hotspot for Cairns and Yarrabah, Queensland for the purposes of travel to the Northern Territory effective at 12noon today, 8 August, 2021.

Hotspot locations include: City of Cairns and Aboriginal shire of Yarrabah. This is in addition to a number of hotspots already in place in South East Queensland.

Anyone travelling to the Northern Territory, who has been to the above hotspot locations and arrives in the Northern Territory after 12noon today will be required to undertake 14 days of mandatory supervised quarantine at the Alice Springs or Howard Springs quarantine facilities.

Anyone already in the Northern Territory who has been to a COVID-19 public exposure site in Cairns or Yarrabah since July 29, must isolate and get tested. You must stay isolated until you receive a negative result.

From midnight tonight, anyone from a declared hotspot is not permitted to travel to the Northern Territory without an approved exemption.

A list of declared COVID-19 hotspots can be found on the NT COVID-19 website. To book a COVID-19 test, book online or contact the COVID-19 Hotline on 1800 490 484.


Department of the Chief Minister and Cabinet, Northern Territory Government


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