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A COVID-19 ‘contain and test’ strategy for remote Aboriginal communities

Date first filed: 
Friday, 3 July, 2020
Date of document or action: 
Monday, 18 May, 2020

A proposal for a 'contain and test' strategy for implementation on the discovery a COVID-19 case in a remote Aboriginal community, with attention to community decision making and control, and cultural safety. It outlines how households would be confined and tested, relocation of vulnerable people, restrictions on all movement between communities, plus delivery of food and support to households. The document also notes a number of key challenges.


Central Australian Aboriginal Congress and the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory

Information about ships arriving at Alyangula Port

Date of notice or action: 
Thursday, 28 May, 2020
Notice text: 

Information abouth restrictions, health, quarantine, staff movements and other protective measures in regard to ships arriving at Alyangula Port. See the attachment for full details.


GEMCO / Vinje Randall


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